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Curb Appeal Enhancements Work Wonders


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Some examples of how trees can improve the look of your home.

First off, let me disclaim any knowledge of trees or plants and how they grow the way they do. I'm strictly in to enjoyment of the land around my home and deeply into curb appeal when putting a home on the market to sell. I could take hundreds of pictures of homes with no trees or other landscaping in the yard in an effort to demonstrate how plain and monotonous they look. There is no need for that.

Today was a beautiful spring day and Marjie and I took a walk around our Ravenna Park neighborhood. One of the things that drew us here years ago was the variety of housing styles and the beauty of living in a well treed neighborhood.

Take a look at your home from across the street. Envision how a properly placed tree might enhance the look, provide some shade or otherwise give your pride and joy a lift. You would be surprised how other landscaping is soon developed around the tree and the house and at how much better you like it this way.

Weeping spruce

Just down the street from us is this weeping spruce. It has been pruned over the years so that a low branch hanging over the sidewalk has created a natural arbor. It is very unique and attractive. Behind the spruce are some flowering plums which are just beautiful this time of year. I don't know what the red leaves in the foreground are.


Around the corner we came across a Camellia. This type will probably only ever grow to 14 feet tall. In spring it adds a splash of color. The leaves stay green all year.

Flowering Cherry

Over a few streets we spotted this magnificent flowering cherry (we think). Big white blooms. Tall and stately, yet well within keeping for a two story home.

Red Branch Maple

Across the street were these red branched maples. What a nice bit of brightness the branches make all winter on those too short, too gray days.

Dwarf Japanese Maple

Back at home the sun was playing off our dwarf Japanese maple. This tree will only reach 8 feet tall. With proper pruning it will be a beauty. The leaves are a maroon color as are the leaves on the flowering plums behind me. The grass has completely disappeared from our front yard as the stone patio, a small pond, stone path, and various shrubs and clusters of grasses and flowering plants took its place.

Have fun with your yard. Make it more beautiful and enhance the value. Your nearby garden supply center has answers for all of your questions. Don't live any longer in a home with no trees in the yard. Plant one today.







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Comment balloon 1 commentGlenn Roberts • March 16 2010 10:39AM


What beautiful colors on the trees.  All so different but amazing.  I love to drive through neighborhoods that are well maintaned and with lots of color and scenery....

Posted by Lori Bowers, The Lori Bowers Group almost 11 years ago