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Homes for Sale in Ravenna - Seattle

Homes for Sale in Ravenna - Seattle

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Ravenna's current inventory and sales to date for the 2010.


Homes for sale in Ravenna, a Seattle neighborhood.

The Ravenna neighborhood is just north of the University of Washington campus but is separated from the campus and campus housing by a deep ravine. Only one bridge crosses the ravine between 15th and 25th Aves NE, and that is for bike and foot traffic only. This makes for limited north south car traffic thourgh this desireable neighborhood.

Ravenna chart of homes for sale and sold

Currently there are 26 listings in the area. They range in price from $299,500 to $999,999. The median price is $559,321 and the average time on the market is 75 days. The average square footage of these homes is 2,458 and the average cost per squre foot is $249.12.

There are now 11 sales under contract. The median price of those is $480,929. That's almost $80,000 less than the median price of what's listed, an indication that, like many areas, the more affordable homes are the ones that are selling in this market. Average market time for these sales is only 41 days.

There have been 61 sales in Ravenna since January 1, 2010 with an average market time of 49 days and an median sales price of $464,146.

Ravenna Tudor Sold $560,000

I live in Ravenna and watch the market here closely. A few of the homes still on the market were originally over-priced, and have been reduced but seem to be forgotten by buyers and brokers because of their long market time. For a selection of these homes please send me an email and I'll pull them out for you. There are good deals to be had by the dilligent.





Glenn Roberts



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Very detailed report, I thank you for sharing. Good luck!!

Posted by Anthony Stokes-Pereira, Realtor (Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty) over 10 years ago

Thanks, Anthony.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) over 10 years ago
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