Seattle Residential: I Do That: Rats in Ravenna,and Roosevelt, Too

Rats in Ravenna,and Roosevelt, Too

Are there rats in Ravenna, and Roosevelt, too? Who would know unless they seee them or unless they went to the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association meeting last night. About 120 people showed up and it was a busy agenda. First off the acting president was named official president for the coming year. (I showed up without pen and paper, so I have no names to report.) 

ratAfter her introductory remarks, a nice young lady from Seattle Public Health arrived and shared some information on rats and what to do about them. There are 4 steps to removing rats:

1. Take away their food. (Stop feeding birds for a while if you must)

2.Exterminate by trapping and/or poisoning.

3.Keep rats out of your yard by eliminating places they nest.

4.Keep rats out of your home. Rats can enter through an opening the size of a quarter.


rats in toilets dot mapFor the very inquisitive, you can view a dot map of where rats have been reported in people's toilets. And the why of that is something I've been harping on for years. Garbage disposers in kitchens are food processers for sewer rats. They love that stuff and will follow the food trail to it's source. Of course it's dark in those pipes and on occasion they make a turn and end up in your bathroom. Save your self a couple hundred bucks and get rid of your disposer. It will never break down again.

Fortunately Seattle has a yard waste and food waste recycling system and all such waste is composted. These items are stored in containers and picked up each week. Wonderful. 

Next up we heard from the Department of Transportation. Seattle has two floating bridges and one of them (the north bridge on the rat map) needs replacement. In order to pay for it there are going to be tolls and the tolling begins soon. So the talk concerned electronic tolling and what it might mean to you. Can rats cross the bridge and get into Seattle? Can they use the bridge to get out of Seattle? Will they too be charged a fee? These questions were not asked.

Next on the agenda was the selection of board members and their approval. All went well and even some new folks stepped up to help. It was also approved that board meetings would be open to all. Meetings on the first Tuesday of the month.

Then came the big draw of the evening. The run down houses in Roosevelt. I wrote about them before and even have blog dedicated to the Roosevelt-Ravenna Zonning Issues. On the property in question, are there rats? And the answer is an unequivocal, "YES!" An important part of gettCommunity Center meetinging rid of these rats is to make sure they are contained and destroyed, not just driven onto neighbors well kept properties. A second and equally important part of the rat remove issue is taking measures to keep other rats from invading the location with their bad building concepts and inappropriate designs. Overbuilding and building in the wrong location destroys a neighborhood just as surely as the current condition of these properties does. Jim O'Halloran, the Roosevelt Land Use Committee spoke to the large audience of about 125. Two processes are in action at the moment. 

1. The Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan is working its way to city approval and needs the support of the Ravenna neighbors. The RNA plan was worked on by a large group of people from the community with the desire to grow the neighborhood since a light rail station will be built there. A great deal of effort went into enhancing the neighborhood while preserving its charm. That support is easy. Everyone should email member of the Seattle City Council and tell them that they support the RNA Plan.

2. The RDG (an out of area development companyRat fursona which wants to build buildings on the rat infested property in excess of 120 feet, where current and recommended zoning is 40 feet) is taking some plans to a design review board. The time to oppose bad design is all of the time and any time. Jim requested that the audience be alert to this meeting and voice opposition when appropriate.We have to do what we need to do to keep the rats out.

The meeting closed with a short piece regarding the Ravenna quest to win  a $50,000 prize by being the most efficient recycling neighborhood in Seattle. And we are now leading. Kudos to us. Ravenna rocks!






Glenn Roberts



Comment balloon 10 commentsGlenn Roberts • April 06 2011 01:42PM


Very cool info! Who'da thunk there would be rats in Seattle? Now in Atlanta I would believe it! Good post!

Posted by Peter den Boer, MBA,GRI, Associate Broker, Realtor (Atlanta Communities) almost 10 years ago

Peter - we've got 'em...all kinds.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) almost 10 years ago

Basically when we speak of rats we're talking about squirrels with a bad public relations agent.  Take away the fluffy tail and they cause as much trouble and pass along as much disease…

Posted by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS, South Puget Sound Washington Agent/Broker! (Fathom Realty Washington LLC) almost 10 years ago

Paul - Squirrels have better make-up artists.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) almost 10 years ago

Would, if I could, David, but my coat is of one color and my musical talents weak. Perhaps I should huff and puff and blow them away.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) almost 10 years ago

Glenn, is it time to look for some rat recipes?  I know of some folks from North Carolina who find squirrels to be a delicacy (but that's nothing to be proud of).  Like Paul #3 said, they're about the same thing.  They once got into my attic and chewed through a waterline to a shower.  Made quite a mess. 

Posted by Mitch Gover ( almost 10 years ago

Mitch - and they can be so quiet when munching on a water line. I think I'll go vegetarian.

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) almost 10 years ago

Glenn--Now I have heard and read just about every topic here in the Rain.  I came here for inspiration, but had to find out what rats were doing in the Pacific NW.  (I know there are a few in the east, but we won't name names either.)

Thanks for the humorous report of last night's meeting.

PS It is snowing right now, so I am sure that any NW PA rats are hibernating.

Posted by Mary Yonkers, Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor (Alan Kells School of Real Estate/Howard Hanna Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

Mary - we have a few, but very erudite they are. Kloster Einsiedeln IMG 6323

Posted by Glenn Roberts (Retired) almost 10 years ago

You are so funny!  Thanks for starting my day on a humorous note, Glenn.

Posted by Mary Yonkers, Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor (Alan Kells School of Real Estate/Howard Hanna Real Estate) almost 10 years ago